How to Flash Custom ROM On Infinix Hot Note Pro

Although, the procedures are quiet different, the end results are the same. Flashing custom ROM on most MTK android devices are quiet easy but tactical and destructive if care is not taken. This is why I have taken few minutes to compile the step by step tutorial on how to flash custom ROM on your Infinix Hot Note Pro -of course, it's an MTK Android.

Now, let's hit the ignition and proceed.


Step 1: Flash Custom Recovery on your Infinix Hot Note Pro. Don't know how? Refer here: How to Create and Flash Custom Recovery On MTK Androids

Step 2: Download the Custom ROM you wish to flash on the Infinix Hot Note Pro. You may download one here: Samsung S5 ROM for Infinix Hote Note Pro

Step 3: Download compatible GApps for the custom ROM.
i- You ONLY need to download GApps if the ROM is not pre-built with GApps. Though, re-flashing GApps won't harm your phone, it's just to save your data.
ii- The GApps must be for the Android Version of that ROM. Example: If the ROM is android 5.1.1, the GApps must also be for android 5.1.1. You may check here for all the list of the available GApps.

Step 4: move both the downloaded ROM and the GApps to the root of your SD Card, such that they are directly visible in the SD Card.

Step 5: Boot the phone to recovery using the right recovery combo or using MTK Droid Tools here.

Step 6: From the recovery, select "Data Wipe/Factory Reset" and wait until that completes.
NOTE: Some tutorials may state that you Wipe System. Never make that mistake as that may forever brick your phone.

Step 7: Click "Install from SD Card", select the ROM you wish to flash and proceed. Wait until the process completes and then, reboot the phone.
NOTE: If the phone requires GApps, use the same procedure in Step 7 above to flash the GApps.

Have any questions, opinion or concerns? Use the comment box below.

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