How to Remove Restriction Lock Code On iPhone and iPad

Restriction Lock is an extra layer security feature of most iPhones and iPads. The Restriction Lock is set on iPhones and iPads to prevent modifications to to some security and privacy settings on your iPhone and iPad. Thus, each time either you or somebody else attempts to change the unlock code, reset the phone (any other privacy or other security settings) of your iPhone or iPad, the Restriction Lock must be entered to complete the process.

However, in the case that you forget your Restriction Lock and which often happens because the Restriction Lock is not commonly asked or used, how do you remove it? That's what I discuss here.

Meanwhile, it must be noted that you will lose all the files including pictures, musics, videos and every other documents on your iPhone or iPad therefore; you should backup the pictures, videos, musics and other documents on the phone while you can.
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Step 1: Observe the iCloud details (Username and Password) you use or setup on the iPhone and iPad. If you don't already have iCloud setup on the iPhone or iPad, simply setup an iCloud on it by creating an account or simply sign in (If you already have iCloud account).

Step 2: Activate Find My iPhone on the iPad or iPod. Find My iPhone is a security feature that, when enabled, lets you have remote access on the iPhone or iPad. By this, you can access, the contents of the iPhone or iPad, erase the iPad or iPhone, Lock and Unlock it -all these can be done even when the iPhone or iPad is not with you.
How to activate Find My iPhone on iPad or iPhone?
On the iPhone or iPad,
1- Tap Settings.
2- Tap iCloud.
3- Sign with your iCloud cridentials which are your Username (email) and Password.
4- Scroll down to locate "Find My iPhone" and turn it on.

Step 3: On your Desktop Browser, visit and login with the iCloud details you have setup on the particular iPhone or iPad from which you wish to remove Restriction Lock. Basically, you only need to enter your Username (email address) and Password.

Step 4: Click on the Find My iPhone icon. When you have successfully signed in, you will be presented with a page that displays icons of all Apple services available and accessible on From here, just click the Find My iPhone icon.

i- Location Service must be turned on on the iPhone or iPad.
ii- The iPhone or iPad must not be in Airplane mode.
iii- The iPhone or iPad must be connected to data service (WiFi/Hotspot or GPRS/HSPA).
Step 5: Wait some minutes for iCloud to bring the list of iDevices (iPhone, iPad and iPod) that are connected to your iCloud account. If you have only connected an iDevice, it will only bring just that.

NOTE: this may take several minutes depending on the speed of your PC and the internet connection at that moment. Also, you will be asked to re-enter your Apple ID (iCloud) password.

Step 6: Click on "List All Devices" and then, select the one you wish to disable its Restriction Lock.

Step 7: Select Erase and then, confirm it. Almost immediately, the operation would commence on the iPhone or iPad.

NOTE: the erasing process may take some minutes to complete and that, you will lose all the data on the iPhone or iPad.
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