Improve your Windows PC RAM Using USB Stick: How to

One of the few things responsible for the speed of your PC is Random Access Memory, RAM, for short. RAM is a type of storage space used by all computer systems applications and programs. It is being used to accessing information quickly and easily on the system.

Besides the processor speed of your PC, RAM is the next thing that improves the speed of your PC -this means, if you have larger RAM on your PC, the chance that your PC will be fast and smooth in operations is high.

In this tutorial, I reveal a method to better manage your PC RAM and as a result, improve your PC's speed and performances using your USB stick.


STEP 1: Get a USB Flash drive, preferably; 4 GB and connect it to your PC via your PC's direct USB port. Make sure that the USB drive is properly formatted and that no items is contained in it.

STEP 2: Open My Computer and then, locate the USB Drive you wish to use. Right-click on it then, select Properties.

STEP 3: In the Properties Window, click Ready Boost tab and then, locate Use this Device and click on it.

STEP 4: Choose your desired maximum space to reserve the system speed.

STEP 5: Click OK then, Apply. You can now restart your PC.

NOTE: the USB Flash drive can serve the purpose only when it is connected to the PC.