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Infinix HOT Note Pro Custom ROM Download: S5 ROM for Hote Note Pro

If you have seen Samsung Galaxy S5 and loved the feel, smoothness and gentility of it's ROM, you can now enjoy similar satisfaction, if not the same, on your Infinix Hot Note Pro. The Samsung Galaxy S5 Custom ROM for the Infinix Hot Note Pro brings virtually, all the features of the S5 to your Infinix Hot Note Pro.

Prior to the introduction of the Samsung Galaxy S6, Galaxy S5 is the envy of most custom ROM(s). Meanwhile, Infinix Hot Note Pro is one of those android devices made to compete and compare to the Samsung Galaxy S5 and so, a Samsung Galaxy S5 custom ROM is made available for the Infinix Hot Note.

So, if you are willing to run the S5 ROM on your Infinix Hot Note Pro, all you need is a custom recovery and then; download and flash this custom ROM on your Infinix Hot Note Pro.

I know you are eager to experience the S5 features on your Hot Note Pro, but wait a minute, let's see the features of the S5 ROM for Infinix Hot Note pro first. Shall we?


This ROM is a lollipop based ROM, android 5.1.1 to be specific. This ROM is much more stable, smooth, fast and efficient and so far, no lollipop based bug(s) have been reported on this ROM.

Because this ROM is made to bring most of the Samsung Galaxy S5 ROM features to the Infinix Hot Note Pro, it is made to look almost exactly as the Samsung Galaxy S5. The App Drawer, Luncher, Toggles and even sounds are stock from the Samsung Galaxy S5.
Although, not so many are available, but this is perhaps the best custom ROM for the Infinix Hot Note Pro.

For most android phone users, the sound, the video quality and picture output mean a lot. Well, all I can say is that, you won't be disappointed by flashing this ROM on your Infinix Hot Note Pro. It may not be the best but, I can say that it is really good.

Extra Features:
- Pre-rooted
- Deo-odexed
- Zippaligned
- RAM (Application Memory) Optimized

Download Samsung S5 ROM for Infinix Hot Note Pro Here

How to Flash Samsung S5 ROM On Infinix Hot Note Pro


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