Infinix Hot2, X510: Tutorial for Rooting and Changing IMEI

For many reasons, it is advised that you root your android device, especially; the MTK android devices that are mostly unpredictable among of which the Infinix Hot 2, X510 belongs. Infinix Hot 2 which is also known as Infinix X510, is one of the most recent addition to the Infinix androids.

While rooting your android device is very good and recommended, the process may render your android device useless as well therefore, you should be mindful of the process or method you use for rooting your android devices.

In this tutorial, I put you through step by step guide on how to root your Infinix Hot 2, X510. Also, down the line, I reveal how to change the IMEI of your Infinix Hot 2 IMEI. This is useful for those willing to using BIS subscriptions specifically; Glo on the phone, Infinix Hot 2.

Now, let's go! Shall we?


Step 1: Download the latest Kingroot App from here and install it on your Infinix Hot 2.
NOTE: make sure that your battery is at least, 20% charged to avoid any interruption which may render your phone uselessly.

Step 2: Connect your phone to the internet. This maybe via Wifi hotspot or your phone 3G service. Make sure that the internet connection is fast and stable at that time. Important!

Step 3: Lunch/Open Kingroot on the phone. Kingroot should display the model of the phone. Thus; "Infinix X510" and immediately begin verifying root status and thus, begin searching for the appropriate root exploit for the phone.
NOTE: kingroot will prompt you to connect to the internet if your connection is not good at that time. Just keep trying until it connects.

Step 4: Tap "...Try Anyways..." and wait until the root process completes and displays something like the image below.

Note: your phone may reboot while rooting. It's normal. Just lunch kingroot and restart the process.


Most Infinix android devices' NVRAM partition which contains the IMEI number are protected and as a result, this prevent modification of the IMEI. However, following the simple step by step guide given here, you will be able to change the IMEI of your Infinix Hot 2 easily.

This tutorial requires that you root your Infinix Hot 2 to proceed. If you have not done so, revisit the guides above else, proceed to the steps below to change the IMEI of your Infinix Hot 2.
Step 1: Download Mobile Uncle application from Play Store. If you already have Mobile Uncle installed, just lunch it.

Step 2: Download IMEI.bak file from here. This IMEI.bak file is a backup of modified IMEI and it is flashable using MobileUncle. Once flashed successfully, it will write a new IMEI on your Infinix Hot 2.

Step 3: Restore/Flash the IMEI on your phone: within Mobile Uncle app, navigate to the IMEI Backup Restore option and tap it to open it.

Step 4: Locate the IMEI.bak file and select it. See the image below.

Once select, in few seconds, the selected file would be flashed and thus; your IMEI would be changed to the desired IMEI.

To confirm that your Infinix Hot 2 IMEI has being changed, simply dial *#06# and note the new IMEI down.
Your new IMEI would be;
SIM1: is the normal IMEI
SIM2: is a valid BlackBerry IMEI
Still have questions? Use the comment box below.