New Nokia Android, C1 Most Likely Look: 2 Pictures Within

Contrary to the earlier publication on which reveals the rumored Nokia C1 as the first Nokia phone to be wholly powered with android OS, the hint may no longer be a rumour but, rather, a news.

This was authenticated when the Nokia C1 specification and configuration details appear on GSMArena however, the Nokia C1 android details specified on GSMArena is a bit different from the rumour.

Along with the details appear two pictures, that clearly display the Nokia C1 android, portraying clear image of the so pronounced phone.

Although, not much is known about the phone's specifications yet, but according to the information that was gathered on GSMArena, the C1 screen is reported to be 5" 1080p, as opposed the 720p, which was the originally rumored. Another difference from the rumour is that the Nokia C1 is stocked with Android 6.0 Marshmallow (pretty vanilla by the looks of it) and not Android 5.0 earlier rumored, and featuring Intel Atom chipset (with 2GB of RAM).

The Nokia C1 android lunch is expected sometime second quarter of next year.