Tecno Camon C8: Tutorial for Rooting and Changing IMEI

Tecno Camon C8 is one of the most recent Tecno android devices, introduced earlier this year. As common with most android device users, especially, if you want to give your Camon C8 some extra features; you would want to root the phone.

Earlier, rooting the Tecno Camon C8 was not possible, but as I write now, I have confirmed rooting the same Tecno Camon C8. I have rooted the phone and also changed the IMEI not more than 2 hours ago and the phone is still working fine.

Here, I will share with you how I rooted the Tecno Camon C8 so that you may desist from using unauthorized method for rooting the phone. Doing such may brick your phone. Meanwhile, Tecno Camon C8 is too early to be taking around for repairs.


Step 1: Download any and all versions of Kingroot app from here. If you have tried rooting your Tecno Camon C8 using Kingroot before and it failed, you were probably using an older version of Kingroot application. Download the version 4.5 of Kingroot application from the link above and install it on your phone.
NOTE:1- You must enable "Install from Unknown Source" option under settings. This is important because after flashing the root exploit on the Camon C8, Kingroot will attempt installing Kinguser on the phone and without which there would be no success at rooting the phone.

Step 2: Once installed, lunch the Kingroot v4.5 on your phone. When lunched, Kingroot should immediately display the model of your phone as "Tecno Camon C8". Trigger Kingroot to search for working root exploit for your phone by tapping it.
NOTE:1- You must have an active internet connection. It could be WiFi (Hotspot) or 3G/H of your phone.

Step 3: Wait while Kingroot completes the search and then display a message right below it. Regardless of the message that is being displayed, just tap "...Try Anyways...".

Step 4: Hold on until Kingroot displays the message "...root successfully".
NOTE: when the process is complete, do not forget to uninstall Kingroot application otherwise, your Tecno Camon C8 may be heating up abnormally. -don't panic. This is normal.


Because the Tecno Camon C8 is a much recent phone, it is shipped with later firmware whose NVRAM partition is much more secured, giving more difficulties at changing the IMEI however, following the procedures narrated below, you should be able to change the IMEI without much stress.

This tutorial requires that you root your Tecno Camon C8 to proceed. If you have not done so, revisit the guides above else, proceed to the steps below to change the IMEI of your Camon C8.
Step 1: Download Mobile Uncle application from Play Store. If you already have Mobile Uncle installed, just lunch it.

Step 2: Download IMEI.bak file from here. This IMEI.bak file is a backup of modified IMEI and it is flashable using MobileUncle. Once flashed successfully, it will write a new IMEI on your Camon C8.
Once downloaded, move it to the root folder of either your memory card or SD Card. It should be placed in such a way that it would be visible directly when you open the SD Card.
Step 3: Restore/Flash the IMEI on your phone: within Mobile Uncle app, navigate to the IMEI Backup Restore option and tap it to open it.It

Step 4: Locate the IMEI.bak file and select it. It would be highlighted below whichever drive it is detected on the phone.

Once selected, in few seconds, the selected file would be flashed and thus; your IMEI would be changed to the desired IMEI.

To confirm that your Camon C8 IMEI has being changed, simply dial *#06# and note the new IMEI down.
Your new IMEI would be;
SIM1: is the normal IMEI
SIM2: is a valid BlackBerry IMEI
Still have questions? Use the comment box below.