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Tecno L6 Custom ROM Download: LUI, Android 5.1 Lollipop

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One of the factors that are responsible for Android OS success is the fact that it is open source. Giving many creative individuals the opportunity to actively practice, demonstrate and display their handiwork, that which has given birth to so many custom ROMs. Thus, for any android device, you can have as many ROM as possible besides the Stock ROM with which it is built. The Tecno L6 and other MTK android devices are not left behind, too.

Custom ROM are not common for most of the recent Tecno phones like the Tecno H6, L6, M6, R7 and the likes. However, following many days of researches, I am able to put to table, a Custom ROM for the Tecno L6. This is an android 5.1.1 lollipop ROM for the Tecno L6.


1- Wireless RDA Radio: with this ROM, you do not need to connect Headset/Headphones to your Tecno L6 before you are able to play and enjoy FM radio on the phone. Just lunch the Radio/FM app, tune-in and enjoy.

2- Holo Luncher: this is the first from few of the ROMs you can find for the Tecno L6 that is built with Holo luncher. The luncher is lighter and better compare to most other lunchers available in the android market.

3- Pre-rooted: once you have flashed this ROM, you don't have to bother rooting your Tecno L6 again since the ROM is pre-rooted.

4- Android 5.1.1: like it or not, this is the first Android 5.1.1 lollipop custom ROM for the Tecno L6. Contrary to the stock 4.4.2 kitkat that came with the Tecno L6, this is far more stable and optimized for the phone.

5- Optimized Memory Management: if you have noticed this, you should know that most MTK android devices have poor memory management which is the reason why they complain of low application memory often; this ROM is built to correct such menace which is why it is built with better and optimized memory to complement the poor application memory of the Tecno L6.

6- Smoother and Faster: the first thing you might notice when you install this ROM on your Tecno L6 would probably be the look. This ROM is by far fresher, smoother and faster than the stock Tecno L6 ROM.

7- Xposed Installer: xposed Installer is an application that can be used to modify android devices' system settings and configuration. This ROM is pre-built with Xpossed Installer and few Xposed modules. You may build up the Xposed modules as you wish later.

Other Features include: Zippaligned and De-odexed faetures.

Download the LUI, Android 5.1.1 Custom ROM for your Tecno L6 Here

When installed, the camera may not work properly. Simply download and install Camera 360 from Play Store on the phone to correct the error.



  1. Hello,
    I have downloaded the ROM how do I install it on Tecno L6. Thanks

  2. which browser can i use to download it......cuz my browser(uc mini) can't and how am i sure it will respond?

  3. Replies
    1. Maybe something is wrong. It should download fine.

  4. Plz how do I install it sir it downloaded successfully but I don't know how to install it plz tell me where to look

  5. Plz the download was successful but I don't know where to install it I have searched everywhere in the zip plz tell me where to look