Using USA Number On Whatsapp In Nigeria: How to

There are several methods for registering USA number on Whatsapp and I have discussed few of them. Here, I will reveal yet another method you can use to register USA number on Whatsapp in Nigeria. Personally, I have used this method and it worked fine for me, but as always, I only tested it to be sure. I have no use of USA number for my Whatsapp while still in Nigeria.

However, if you wish to change your Whatsapp number to USA number or that you want to register a new line, read further below:
This method works for both iOS and Android users.


STEP 1: Download and install Vovox on your phone. For iOS users, download from App Store while android users Download from Play Store.

STEP 2: Once installed, lunch Vovox on your phone and register on it using your current phone number and country code.

STEP 3: Locate your US phone number on top-right side of Vovox app. Note the number down or make sure you know it off hand.

STEP 4: Now, you simply have to replace your current Whatsapp number with the USA number you have gotten from Vovox or simply delete the Whatsapp and register a new account using the USA phone number.

To change your Whatsapp phone number, go to Setting >> Account >> Change number.
1- Changing the number will also change your phone number in all Whatsapp groups that you have joined.
2- Your old chat history will still remain after changing the Whatsapp number.