Win N3,000 Voucher In the Phone Software Repair Package Exercise

If you are not aware of the Phone software repair Guide, it is a package compiled by ArykTECH formally known as Aryk Enterprise. The package contains major softwares and flash files that are being used to repair and solve all common software related problems of all the common phones in Nigeria.

To complement it, A B C to Mobile Phone Software Repairs eBOOK is included in the package.
This eBOOK serves as anchor that puts you through each software repair stage. The eBOOK basically teaches you how to perform phone software repairs thereby turning you to a mobile phone software engineer (repair).

It's being a while since we updated the phone software repair guides package. We never even thought of doing a major updates to the package until lately, when the last batch were all sold out and the need to push another batch out become a necessity.

Why is this Update Necessary?

Following the recent orders we received, we were in the middle of reproducing another batch when we realised some of the video tutorials and even some softwares and flash files contained in the package are corrupted, we thought, it is now the time to update and perhaps, upgrade package.
To reproduce the corrupted videos, replace the corrupted softwares and flash files and then, reproduce another eBOOK; A B C to Mobile Phone Software Repairs eBOOK to serve as the guide and anchor that will put you through the step by step guides on how to using the softwares contained in the package. Want to learn more about the Phone Software Repair Package? Use the Contact Us form.

1- Hard Copy: currently, A B C to Mobile Phone Software Repair Package (A - Z) is about 17GB in size and is being distributed in DVDs (burnt in DVDs) and sold at N12,000.

2- Soft Copy: the soft copy contains just the eBOOK, A B C to Mobile Phone Software Repair (A - Z). In the eBOOK, we have contained the download links for all the softwares and flash files contained in the Hard Copy of the Package. The Soft Copy is being sold at N3,000.

Since the last batch of the Phone Software Repair Package was made, more phones have arrived the market especially from BlackBerry, Samsung, iPhone, Tecno, Infinix, Gionee etcetera, of which their firmwares/ROMs were not included. This upgrade is expected to contain most of the missing firmwares and ROMs.

Obviously, we cannot contain all the firmwares and ROMs in the package except that we don't mind distributing it in about 700GB hard disk capacity. But we are sure to contain all the hottest and commonest firmwares and ROMs in the package and this, in turn, gives the Hard copy, an estimated volume of about 60GB.

Having considered certain conditions, we finally arrived at the price slated below for each form of of the package;
1- Hard Copy: the Hard Copy now costs N18,000 and is being distributed in an 80GB external Hard Disk (SATA Hard Disk).

2- Soft Copy: the Soft Copy now costs N6,500. The soft copy now contains the download link for all the updated softwares, flash files and video tutorials.
Note: the Soft Copy is also included in the Hard Copy since it is the anchor, user guide that teaches you how to using the softwares contained in the Hard Copy of the package.

Either that you want us to moderate the price, add or remove certain item(s), change the distribution medium or that you just have a suggestion that will help us distribute the Phone Software Repair Package more effectively and for the convenience of the end users; you can suggest for us and WIN N3,000 voucher.

To WIN the voucher, you must perform either or all of the following;
1- Suggest for Us via the Comment Box. | 2- Follow Us on Facebook here. | 3- Follow Us On Twitter @saibven
You earn N1,000 for each activity.

NOTE ∆:• The voucher is only redeemable if you are purchasing Phone Software Repair package. Thus, it would be deducted from the overall cost of the package, Soft copy or Hard copy.

• If you have purchased either the Hard copy or Soft copy of the Phone Software Repair package before, you will be eligible to receive the updated Soft Copy free of charge.

Thank you. You may fill the form here to redeem your N3,000 voucher.