Apple Music Now Coming to Android, Beta App Supposedly Available

The popular and one of the most used applications on iOS devices is now coming to android. By this, android users who have iOS devices (or, have once used) iOS devices can now enjoy all their Apple Music files on android devices as well.

For sometimes now, Apple has announced the introduction of the Apple Music to Android OS however, not much were heard since then until lately, when a German site, Mobilegeeks seems to have had the news on the Apple Music beta.

Going by the screenshots, Apple Music for android looks a lot more like the native Apple Music for iOS featuring all the features of the native Apple Music including the For You, New Radio, Connect and My Music sections. Another common feature is that you get to sign in with your Apple ID to access all these.

Additionally, there are also settings (which can be altered by you) for when Apple Music should download music, how your library should be sorted and cellular data options.

While the beta version is said to be up and running already, it should be noted that some bugs may be experienced until the Apple Music for android is made publicly available.