HTC One A9 Quick Preview

HTC One A9, going by the design's quality, specs and configuration all compared with the price, seems to be the result of HTC's tools to combat the current strong competition the company is facing.

HTC is a company with a strong design pedigree. To this, there is no doubt.
HTC has being forging metal handsets back when the iPhone predominantly concentrated on plastic affair, and in recent years it has produced some of the most head-turning and mind-blowing Android smartphones of the time.

However, the past 12 months have not been too good with HTC has rivals catch up in this important area of branding. The likes of Samsung, Motorola and Huawei have focused the area and successfully shipping ever more impressive glass and metal-clad phones of various designs. These among other reasons contributed to HTC's recent difficulties which is notable in the sales of HTC One M9.

Although, It's not time for a refreshed HTC flagship, but in the interim, a new member of the premium "One" family that aims to balance specs, design and cost has arrived.

The HTC One A9 could be an ultimate tool for HTC to win back the competition on their side.

The HTC One A9 is made of metal, runs Qualcomm's latest mid-range silicon and Google's latest OS, the Android 6.0 Marshmallow with a promising new camera setup. -Some say it looks much like an iPhone 6s. I say HTC A9 is such a good phone at such a nice price!

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