iOS 9.2 Public Beta Now Available for Download

In less than 30 days the iOS 9.1 full version were being pushed to various iPhones and iPads, the iOS 9.2 Public beta is made available. With this development in progress, all things being equal, the iOS 9.2 full version will soon be ready and the update should be expected in a couple of weeks or months at most.

However, if you are a member of Apple's beta tester, you can now download the iOS 9.2 Public Beta over-the-air that, if you have the previous public beta installed.

iOS 9.1, which contains a number of fixes and some new developments and enhancements, that which I am sure a number of Apple users are yet to upgrade to. Even those that have upgraded to it are still fiddling with how to handle one or two things in it may have to neglect it and upgrade to the iOS 9.2 which is expected to be available in few months or so.

Have you upgraded to iOS 9.1? What are your experiences of the iOS 9.1? Let's here it in the comment box.