Tecno PHANTOM 5: Rooting and Changing IMEI -How-to Tutorial

Going by the amazing features of the Tecno Phantom 5, I'm sure majority of us, android users would be aiming for the phone. It is a nice MTK android but you could enjoy it more if it is rooted.
The reason being that if the Tecno Phantom 5 is rooted, it would operate faster and different customizations can be applied to it. Besides, you can flash a ClockWorkMod recovery on it and backup the complete ROM on your own. Save the backup in safe place just in case.

Although, the same method work for both Tecno Phantom 5 and Camon C8, in this tutorial, I explain the specific step by step guide for rooting the Tecno Phantom 5 MTK android.

Rooting Android, What Does it Mean?

By rooting your android device, the locks put on the protected partitions are removed; making it possible for apps that require root access to gaining the root access on the android device.

Why Root Android Device?

Rooting your android device makes it possible for you to perform a lot of activities you might not be able to perform ordinarily on the phone due to locks put on the protected partitions.

Activities such as changing the phone's fonts, tweaking the IMEI, using some VPN apps, changing or hiding your IPs among others would be very close to impossible without rooting.

Is Rooting My Android Device Safe?

Although, rooting your android device may damage the phone and has some side effects, however, all the side effects can be over-ridden or avoided if you desist from going beyond your limits.

The simple rule to avoid all the side effects is "Do not do what you are not sure of and do not install apps you can't handle".

How to Root Tecno Phantom 5

Although, I have not personally used this guide to root the Tecno Phantom 5, but I have confirmed this method working from feedbacks I received from people I recommended the guides to. All things being equal, you should safely use this method to root any Tecno Phantom 5.

1- Kingroot Application. You can download from here.
2- Internet access. Either Wireless or your phone's data service should be put on.
A fast Internet access is likely required for a successful rooting operation.
Now, Begin Rooting the Tecno Phantom 5
1- Go to Settings >> Security >> Unknown Sources and mark it on.
This enables your phone to install apps not downloaded or downloadable from the Play Store.

2- Install the Kingroot Application: download and install the Kingroot application from the link above.

3- Lunch Kingroot: lunch the Kingroot application on the phone. Tap the Middle of the Kingroot application and wait until the process is complete.
Make sure that you have strong internet access either via Wireless or H/H+. Your phone may reboot before the process is complete, this is mostly caused by poor data service. Simply restart the process again at full lunch of the phone.
4- Confirm that the Root Access is Obtained: when the root operation is complete, the Kingroot Application will display a round green button with "White Mark" in the middle as in the image below.

Before Kingroot application could root the Tecno Phantom 5, it will attempt to install KingUser Application and flash SU Binaries on the phone.
Therefore, ensure that you have at least, 100mb FREE Space on your phone's system STORAGE/RAM to install the necessary files for the rooting operation.
NOTE: I am not responsible for any damages that may be incured, happen or caused to your phone in the cause of rooting the phone. You are fully responsible for your own actions.
STEP 1. Download the SuperSU File here. This file contains root scripts and binaries flashable from recovery.

STEP 2. Copy/Move the ZIP file to the root of your Internal Memory.

STEP 3. Power off your android device.

STEP 4. Boot to recovery, to do that hold down Power button + Volume up, (NOTE: this varies from phone to phone).

STEP 5. Navigate and select Recovery mode (Volume up to Navigates while Volume down Selects. Sometimes, you may use Power Button to select.)

STEP 6. Navigate and select “Apply update from SD card”.

STEP 7. Select the SuperUSER.zip file you copied/moved to your SD card.

STEP 8. Now, the update flashing will begin and immediately after it, the phone will automatically take you back to Recovery screen.

STEP 9. Navigate and click Reboot system.

STEP 10. That’s all, after reboot, SuperUSER app must have been flashed into your device and hence, appears on the app-drawer.
If the process completes successfully, then, you have succeeded in rooting your Tecno Phantom 5.


Lately, it has become a custom to have your android device IMEI changed especially, MTK android devices among of which is Tecno Phantom 5 belongs. This is done to enable you use the Glo BIS Subscription on the phone.
Below here, I explain the step by step guide on how to change the IMEI of your Tecno Phantom 5.

NOTE: This method does not require root access.


STEP 1. Download and install MTK engineering mode from Google Play store.
STEP 2. Open and click on MTK Settings.
STEP 3. Navigate to connectivity.
STEP 4. Select CDS information.
STEP 5. Select Radio Information.
STEP 6. Choose either Phone 1 or 2.
For Phone 1 (SIM1): “AT+ EGMR=1,7,”YOUR NEW/BlackBerry IMEI NO” and For Phone 2 (SIM2): “AT+ EGMR=1,10,”YOUR NEW/BlackBerry IMEI NO”
STEP 7. Press the “Send At Command” (You should receive a message that reads ‘AT command sent)
STEP 8. Reboot the phone and then, dial *#06# to confirm your new IMEI.