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Unlimited Etisala Browsing On Android Via Tweakshare: Root Access Not Required

Recently, I discussed how I am able to use MTN BIS on my android devices and PC and in that, I promised to share how to use your Etisalat in similar manner and here we are.
There are series of VPN applications that can be used on android devices but not many requires no root access before they can deliver the actual purpose for which they are installed on the android device.
In essence, many VPN applications like TroidVPN, ProxyDROID, SimpleServer, Autoproxy and the likes requires that your android device is rooted before they can actually deliever otherwise, whichever cheat you wish to use them for won't work.
Meanwhile, in this case, we are discussing Etisalat Chatpak, SocialMe or Smart Cheat.

In this tutorial, I discuss a very simple method to use your Etisalat Chatpak, SocialMe or Smart on your android device having no need to root the phone and still enjoy the same speed or, perhaps, much better speed as you would on a rooted android device using TweakSHARE.

Tweakshare is one of the simplest yet fastest VPN applications for android devices. Tweakshare works similarly to the popular VPN applications like TroidVPN and SimpleServer. Unlike TroidVPN, that works only with MTN BIS, Tweakshare also works with Etisalat SmartSURF Cheats which are being discussed here.

1. Download TweakSHARE from Play Store or use the direct link here.
2. Subscribe to Etisalat Chatpak, SocialMe or Smart plan.
4. Now, enable Data Connection on your android device.
5. Finally, open/lunch Tweakshare. Click Menu >> Settings >> Bundle Settings >> Use Bundled Settings >> ETI CHAT PACK.

6. Now, go back to TweakSHARE main menu and Tap Connect on Tweakshare. Wait few seconds until it connects and begin surfing the internet.

1- The free Tweakshare account gives you only 100 MB of data/day. For unlimited browsing and downloads, you need to purchase Tweakshare units for just N500/month.
2- Sometimes, if the server is crowded, you need to either switch the server or keep trying until it connects. E.g you may switch from Netherland Server to USA Server and vice versa.
3- Free User can only use Free Server 1 to access the internet on Tweakshare.

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