How to Flash MTK Androids Using SP Flash Tools: Infinix, Tecno, Huawei, Gionee, Gowin, Wiko etc

Here and there, you may have been hearing about flashing. Flashing is the term used for reverting most phones back to its factory defaults by means of loading its firmware on it.
Flashing is mostly done when a phone has a particular software problem that is not correctable by factory resetting the phone or by any other means.

In this tutorial, I discuss how to flash MTK android devices using SP Flash Tools. In most cases, bricked MTK android devices are the ones that actually require flashing using SP Flash Tools or MTK Android devices with corrupt system files.

1- MTK Androids: MTK android devices are most android devices generally regarded as China androids. Technically speaking, they are those android devices powered by MTK which also known as MediaTEK CPU and chip set.

MTK android devices include;
Tecno androids
Infinix androids
Wiko androids
Gowin androids
Gionee androids
Opsson androids
Most Huawei androids
Some LG androids
Lenovo androids and the likes of them.

2- Bricked Androids: when an android device is bricked, it is an android device that cannot boot to android mode. Though, it will be turned on, it will NOT boot beyond the first logo.
Some bricked android devices displays just blank white or indigo blue.

3- Flashing: this is the term used for reverting most phones back to its factory defaults by means of loading its firmware on it by any means possible.

1- How to Flash MTK Androids Using SP Flash Tools.

First, the requirements;

1- MTK Backup Files/Stock Firmware: this is the stock firmware for the particular phone you wish to flash. The stock firmware or MTK Backup files can be extracted from another phone of exact kind. It may also be downloaded from the internet. Here is a complete tutorial on how to extract the ROM from another phone.
The firmware contains the system files/programs required to boot android on your phone.

2- MTK Drivers: the drivers needed include the followings;
i- Preloader
ii- PDanet+
The preloader driver is an essential tool for the success of any MTK android flashing operation.
Here is the complete tutorial on how to download and install the complete MTK android drivers.

iii- Compatible USB Cable for the phone.
iv- Your PC
v- SP Flash Tool: SP Flash Tool is a Windows PC program designed for flashing MTK android devices. You may download SP Flash Tool from here.

If you have met the requirements stated above and have installed the USB Drivers needed, you can now prepare the flash files for the flashing operation.

1- Lunch SP Flash TOOL: if you have installed SP Flash tool on your PC, lunch/run it.

2- Select Scatter File by clicking "Scatter-loading" as in the image below: this is a file written in .txt format. It contains the configuration, arrangements and structure of the flash files you are going to use to flash the phone.
select "Scatter-loading" on SP Flash Tool

When you select scatter-loading, a file browser should appear; navigate to the folder where you saved the flash files you extracted or where the copy of the flash files for that phone is saved on your PC and select "MTXXXX-ANDROID-SCATTER", where "xxxx" refers to the MTK version of your phone. See the image below:

NOTE: the flash files should have been prepared for flash tools.

3- Mark/Select Partitions to Flash Onto the Phone from SP Flash Tool: once you have selected the "MTXXXX-ANDROID-SCATTER", SP Flash Tool will automatically load the files ready to be flashed.
The image should look like this below:
SP Flash default selection image for flashing MTK Android

I recommend that you ONLY select/mark the ones in the image below;
SP Flash Recommended Selections

4- Select "Download": on SP Flash, select "Download". Once selected, SP Flash will now be waiting to detect a phone connection.

5- Connect your Phone to the PC: while SP Flash is waiting to detect a phone connection, remove battery from your phone, connect the phone to PC using your Working/Compatible USB Cable, insert the battery in the phone and tap the power button once.

6- The Flashing Process Begins: once the phone is detected, SP Flash should now begin the flashing operation. Simply wait until you see "Download Complete" dialogue box on SP Flash Tool.

Congratulation!!! Your first MTK android flashing operation has just being completed.


  1. Sir that of Infinix X551 is unremovable, what exactly are we to do. Please help.

    1. What issues are you having flashing it? You don't to remove battery when flashing Infinix x551.

  2. I dont kwn u but God bless u really happy to c my phone back.... Once again Thank you😀🙏👍

  3. the download never starts:((

    1. See to the followings:
      1- Confirm that your USB Port is able to sync with the PC.
      2- Press/tap the power button once shortly after clicking the download button.
      3- Make sure that the battery you're using for the flashing has current on it.
      4- Attempt flashing without battery.

      If it doesn't work still, report back here.

  4. Kindly assist;
    On step 5, i am getting a "PMT changed for the ROM; it must be downloaded" error.

    1. You have that error because SP Flash Tool detects that the boot image on that phone is not the same as the one in the stock ROM you are using to flash the phone.

      1. You have flashed custom recovery on the phone.
      2. You have flashed custom ROM on the phone.
      3. The stock ROM variant is different from the phone's variant.

      1. Make sure that the stock ROM you are using to flash the phone is exactly the same as the phone.
      2. Go to FORTMAT tab on SP Flash Tool and format all except preloader and then, flash the phone again.

      For other SP Flash Errors and Solutions see here: ALL SP Flash Tool Errors and Solutions

  5. I want to thank you for all your effort to assisting people like us. may God reward you.
    please, my question is: my tecno S9 battery cover is sealed, how do i remove the battery before flashing process? what of if I simply off the phone, will it do?

    1. You don't have to remove the battery from such phones. Just put off the phone where you are supposed to remove the battery. If it doesn't work still, loose open the phone, disconnect the battery and flash it.