Want to Bypass your iCloud Lockscreen? 5 Tips that Might Help

Either that you have an iCloud-Locked iPhone, iPad or iPod that originally belongs to you or that you have someone whose iCloud account is locked and you want to unlock it for that person, these tips might help you get the details for the iCloud account and get pass the iCloud lockscreen on the iPhone or iPad.

iCloud is a security feature on iPhone, iPad and iPod that adds an extra layer protection for users documents. It adds extra layer protection to your documents because it makes it possible for you to remotely access your iDevices and erase (if you want) the phone remotely. If the phone is successfully wiped, the bearer would have to know your iCloud Account credential before the phone can become useable again.

Because iCloud details usually, the Username and Password are not required only when your iDevice is wiped, you need to input the details when you perform actions such as upgrading the phone or resetting it. This means, even you; the original owner of the iPhone, iPod or iPad may be locked out; making the iDevice unusable by you if you have forgotten your password.

In case you are a victim of either of the circumstances narrated above, here are few tips that may get you pass the iCloud Lockscreen.

1. Visit iCloud.com on your PC to use Forgot Password link on the page to recover your iCloud Account credentials. Typically, you will be asked to enter your Apple ID then, choose either to recover the account by using your recovery email or providing your security questions.

If you have opted for the recovery email method, a link would be sent to your email address. Just login your email address, locate the link and click it. You will be returned to Apple Page wherein you canset a new password for the iCloud/Apple account.

2. Having difficulties in retrieving the recovery email from Apple? Sometimes, the email to reset your iCloud account password may not be delivered to your primary email address. The most likely reason for this to happen is that you have set an email address different from your iCloud Username (email).

Try to make a list of all the email addresses you have used (and still using). Check all of them to be sure.

3. If you have opted for the Security Questions method, be sure that you know the Birthdate you use provided while you were registering the iCloud account. If you are not sure of this, do not attempt the Security Questions method to recover your iCloud account.

4. If you get pass the Birthdate, your chance is high. Now, you should be able to provide answers to your Security Questions meanwhile, bear it in mind that the answers are not case sensitive.

5. If having done all these, you could still not get back your iCloud Account, see the page here: iOS Solutions. We can help you recover the phone at a cost.