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Whatsapp+ Now Back and Better with the V3.10: Download Here

Whatsapp+ is an alternative application for the original Whatsapp. Whatsapp provides much better functionalities and has a lot more features compare to the original Whatsapp. Before the Whatsapp Call feature came to the original Whatsapp, guys using the Whatsapp+ application are already making calls on their Whatsapp+ application.

In a nutshell, Whatsapp+ is always one or two steps ahead of the original Whatsapp. Meanwhile, for one reason or another, the Whatsapp+ application was discontinued until lately when it appeared with the v3.10 MOD again. This time, I bet, you will enjoy Whatsapp much better on Whatsapp+

1. THEMES -the new Whatsapp+ comes with loads of more themes that can be changed at will and in anyway you want it.
2. IMPROVED UPLOAD LIMIT -compare to the original upload limit (16mb) of the main Whatsapp, Whatsapp+ lets you upload much larger files to be sent to friends. Files like pictures, musics, videos and others.
3. AD FREE -as in the original Whatsapp, Whatsapp+ has ads as well.
4. IMPROVED PICTURE QUALITY -you can send original picture captured to friends in few minutes.
6. CUSTOMIZED COPY/PASTE FEATURE -unlike the original Whatsapp, Whatsapp+ lets you copy part/whole of your conversation which can then be pasted and sent to anyone on your list.
7. LIVE STATUS -in Whatsapp+, you can directly see the status of your contact right on your chat screen.
8. OPTIONAL PROFILE PICTURES -IN Whatsapp+, you can decide to hide Whatsapp profile picture and display phonebook picture of a particular contact or all. The case can also be reversed.
9. NO BAN of any accounts -your account can no longer be banned for using Whatsapp+

1. Download the Whatsapp+ APK file from here and save it either on your PC or phone.
2. Take the Backup of your chats history and broadcast lists before you proceed. Here is how to Save the Chat History.
3. Uninstall the original Whatsapp you have installed on your PC.
4. Locate the Whatsapp+ application you have downloaded from the link above and install it on your phone.
5. Follow the On-screen instructions that follow to install the Whatsapp+ application on your phone.

NOTE: you should follow the instructions here to recover your chat history -How to Backup and Restore Whatsapp Chat History

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