6 Top Reasons you Should Jailbreak your iPhone and iPad and How to

If you have once come across an iPhone or iPad of the same model as yours but very different at look and feel, you might want to ask the person what he does but before that, ask how to Jailbreak your iPhone or iPad first.
iOS Jailbreak

Jailbreak, in most cases, is very simple and only takes few minutes to do if you have the right Jailbreak tool for your device and your iOS version.
Wondering what JAILBREAK is? Yes. Jailbreak is the process of modifying your iOS systems by means of loading exploits that make it possible for you to write, re-write and even control your iOS system files thereby making it function (better) other than the way it is designed to function.

Jailbreak in iOS is similar to Rooting in android.

Having known what Jailbreak is, you might want to know why you should Jailbreak your iOS device. Here are 6 top reasons why you should Jailbreak your iPhone or iPad.

Top 6 Reasons to Jailbreak iPhone or iPad

1. Root Access: one of the killer-reasons why most iPhone and iPad users always wanting to Jailbreak their iPhone and iPad is the fact that you simply cannot access the root folders and files of an unjailbroken iPhone or iPad. Even when such iPhone or iPad (Unjailbroken) is connected to a PC, you can barely do much on it except that you synchronize your files using iTunes which isn't much friendly.

Jailbreaking your iPhone or iPad lets you have access to the root folders and files of the iPhone or iPad, even when such is connected to a PC.

2. Read-Write Possibilities: of course, gaining access to all the files and folders on your iPhone and iPad is not as good as being able to modify them the way you want!. With applications such as iFile, you can manage the files and folders on your iPhone and iPad.
You can rename, delete, copy,  duplicate, backup, transfer and do lots more from within the iPhone or iPad.

3. Theming and Customization: changing the behavior and appearance of your iPhone or iPad would be very easy when you jailbreak it. From changing the fonts, the background colour, pop ups to customizing the apps display are the least you can do when you  jailbreak your iPhone or iPad.

4. Tweaking and Cheats: if you are an iPhone or iPad user that loves downloading from many sites, jailbreak is definitely for you. With jailbreak, you can be able to download apps that will enable you reduce your data usage and consumption, download from many sites at once and even change your IP as you like plus more.

5. Flexibility: generally speaking, your iPhone and iPad becomes more flexible when it is Jailbroken.

6. Transparency: with Jailbreak, Apple no longer has anything to hide from you as you can flawlessly access and tune every aspect of your iPhone and iPad either from (within) the phone or via your PC.

Want to Jailbreak your iPhone or iPad now? Here are full list of Jailbreak Tools you can use to Jailbreak your iPad and iPhone.