How to Setup Secured yet Friedly Apple ID Password

Sometimes, your fight against something may turn out to be against you. Such is the case with wrongly formatted Apple ID passwords. When you create an Apple ID password so strong that no one can easily guess it and forgot to make it friendly to yourself, you might eventually find yourself battling to recollect the password you have created by yourself.

Worst still, Apple does not respond to your plea to recover the forgotten Apple ID password. If you could not use the Forgotten Password link to recover your Apple ID Password, that might be the end of it.

Here, I would be discussing how to create a strong yet friendly password for your Apple ID so that you likely won't find yourself feeling like an idiot trying to remember the password you have created by yourself.

1. Desist from Using Common Names: researches show that common names such as "micheal", "Kelvin" combined with numeric are commonly used as password and so, hackers design programs that automatically injects these passwords in your account.

Good Practices:

  • To use names as your password, use "Micheal (with Capital M) instead of micheal".
  • Attach a punctuation mark to your name so that it will be "Micheal_" or "Micheal-".
  • In most cases, not writing the name completely straight usually make the password more friendly to you yet harder to guess. Something like "Michealine_" is better.

2. Use of Birth Date: if it is used properly, the use of your birth date is likely the strongest password you may never forget.

Good Practices for using Birth Date as Passwords

  • Attach punctuations to your birth date. Something like 12-12-1970 for someone whose birth date is December 12, 1970.
  • Make it alpha-numeric e.g dec12th1970.
  • Attach Special signs/character. E.g @dec-12th-1970
  • Make it alpha-numeric then, capitalize it. E.g Dec12Th1970

3. Desist from Using Common Phrases. Phrases like Iloveyou, letmein are usually used as passwords. Of course, hackers are aware of these phrases and they use them well to gain access to several accounts.

4. Be Mobile! Always use the same email you use as your Apple ID Recovery Email on your Apple Devices. This will really help you a long way if you ever forgot your Apple ID password. However, do always lock your Apple Devices with strong but friend passwords.