Infinix Surf X351 Stock ROM: Download Here

Infinix Surf X351 is an older Infinix android device though, it is still one of the commonest Infinix android devices common with Infinix android device users.

Here, you have a Stock-based ROM for the Infinix Surf X351. You might wonder why I am sharing a download link for the stock ROM rather than the custom ROM, well, that's because it is your only option in case your Infinix surf X351 got bricked in the cause of customizing, tweaking or that it just happened ordinarily.

Infinix Surf X351 Stock ROM Download Details:
Version: Android 2.3.2 (Gingerbread)
ROM Size: 239mb
ROM Download Link: Download Infinix Surf X351 ROM Here
How to Flash Stock ROM on Infinix and other MTK Android Here

Source: Hovatek