Lost your Apple Device? What to Do Next

Either that it is misplaced, stolen or lost; mobile phones often carry lots of vital information, both personal and financial information stored on smartphones are often put to risks when such phone is lost especially; when it falls on a wrong hand.

In the event that you misplaced, lost or that your Apple Device is stolen, what should you do to minimize your risk? Here, we discuss what you should do in order to minimize your risks or that may eventually help you recover your iPhone or iPad.

1. Put your Apple Device in Lost Mode: the moment you realized that you have misplaced or lost your iPhone or iPad, visit www.iCloud.com and from there, put the Apple Device in Lost Mode. This Mode will immediately lock the iPhone or iPad so that the bearer will have to enter your iCloud details (Userrname and Password) before he/she can have access to the phone.

You don't know how to put your iPhone or iPad in Lost Mode from iCloud.com? See this page: How to Put your iPhone or iPad in Lost Mode.

2. Call your Line: if you have successfully safeguarded your vital information on the Apple Device by putting the iPhone or iPad in Lost Mode, you should now call the line.
In Lost Mode, calls can still be received on the phone. If luck has it, your phone might still be in  tender hands, the bearer picks up the call and instructs you how to retrieve your phone.

3. Erase the iPhone or iPad Remotely: if after the first 3 days that you have put the iPhone or iPad in Lost Mode, you are still unable to reach the bearer of the iPhone or iPad, visit www.iCloud.com once again and erase the device.
By erasing the device, you can no longer monitor it and Lost Mode will seize to work but at least, the bearer will no longer have access to any content of the phone whatsoever.

- It is a good practice to leave an appealing message on the Apple Device via www.iCloud.com when you erase the device. The message should contain your contact. You never can tell, the bearer may one day decide to call you.

The procedure for Erasing your Apple Device is similar to the one used when you put it in Lost Mode.