When your iPhone Fails to Connect the Internet, What to Do

Few days ago, one of my clients complained that his iPhone 6 does not browse though 3G works perfectly on the phone and most times, he is in good coverage areas. Worst still, he just purchased the phone so he wasn't sure if the phone had ever browsed. He began contemplating that he had bought an inferior iPhone.

To his surprise, he brought the phone to me and in less than two minutes, the phone began to browse in full speed. He began to wonder how I did it. All I could say was " ignorance is a weakness".

Well, if you ever find yourself in similar situation, I discuss few stress-free checks you could do to correct the error and have stable-browsing iPhone.

1. Check your APN Settings: although, once valid SIM card is slotted in most iPhone, the device automatically brings the right configuration settings for the phone so that the phone start browsing immediately. However, networks like Glo have different APN settings for different data plan meanwhile, networks like MTN, Etisalat and Airtel uses the same configuration settings for all data plans.

In essence, make sure that your phone is configured using the right APN settings for your data plan.

2. Provision Service: make sure that your SIM card (in use) is provisioned with data service. You may call your network's customer care line to verify this however, the easiest way to confirm this is by slotting the SIM card in another phone and see if it browses.

3. VPN Apps: check to confirm that you have no VPN applications installed on the iPhone. Or that, the VPN application(s) installed are valid and properly configured for relaying internet connections.

If you don't know the right configuration for the VPN application, I suggest that you uninstall the VPN application(s) installed on the iPhone and restart it. Once restarted, attempt to browse using any application. The phone should browse.

Still having issues?
If you are still having issues having checked all the points above, Report the case here. An ArykTECH agent will attend to you.