How to Edit Individual's App Permission On Android 6.x.x

From time to time, we have had rumors about apps compromising users information on both iOS and Android. Of course, more often than not, before this applications are installed, the system shows us the level of permissions each of these apps requires to run on the phone however, most of us are too carried away thereby ignoring the permissions.

On the other hand, in the previous versions of Android OS, there is little or nothing you can do except that you don't want to install the particular app that has or uses the information you don’t want compromised.
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Well, the good news is, Android Marshmallow has introduced a new page. It has changed the way each and every application installed on your android phone uses and accesses your data plus you now have full control on managing each application permissions.

But on the other hand, we have installed applications. Each application installed on your phone has access to a certain number of data and information. When you download an app from the Play Store, a small window shows up with a list of all permissions that an app requires. You need to agree in order to download and install the app.

If don’t agree to some of the permissions that the app requires, then you are unable to install the app. Android 6.0 Marshmallow has changed this thing. Marshmallow has introduced a new permission system where you choose what permissions each app can access.

While you still need to agree to all permissions when downloading an app for the first time from the Play Store, you can quickly block them once the app is installed. This makes you feel safer especially; if you are worried about your privacy or think that an app receives too much private information.

Here’s how to grant and remove app permissions on Marshmallow.

How to Edit App Permissions on Android 6.X.X Marshmallow

1. On your android device running 6.X.X Marshmallow, go to Settings.

2. Scroll down until Apps and tap it. This will give a list of all installed apps on your device.

3. Tap the little gear icon located at the top. This will open ‘Configure Apps’ menu.

4. Now tap on App Permissions. You will get a list of all permissions required by apps such as calendar, camera, contacts, location, microphone, SMS, phone and more.

5. Tap on one of the permissions and you will be provided with all the apps that have access to this permission. Simply tap on an app to enable or disable it.

That's it!