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Install Android OS On your PC Just As you Install Windows -Remix Android OS

Starting from the big-names in the PC OEM manufacturers to the little-known-about manufacturers in the industry, we have seen PCs made with android OS pre-installed. The most recent of them common in Nigeria is the Lenovo N-Series products. Remix OS now make it possible for you to install fully operational Android OS on your PCs. Be it Mac, Windows or Linus machine, you can now install Android OS completely on the PC or, on a separate partition still on the same PC.
Remix OS | ArykTECH

This recent development is made possible by Jide Technologies. Remix OS is now publicly available starting January this year, 2016.

Already anticipating to have this wonderful OS installed on your PC? Wait a minute! Let's see the preview of what the Remix OS looks like.

As earlier mentioned, Remix OS is built from source on the Android OS. Unlike the previous Android emulators that work on both Windows and Mac, Remix OS is a complete Android OS on its own and can be installed on your PC similar to the way your Windows or Mac OS is being installed.

Be it a Windows PC or MAC, Remix OS runs on both. The idea of the Remix OS is to bring the complete Android OS experience onto your PC. Featuring the native multitasking operations of other OSs, you can open multiple apps at the same time and use them simultaneously. You can maximize, minimize and resize windows -all these, to mention a few.
Remix OS Desktop View | ArykTECH

In the Remix OS, the notifications panel of the native android device has received a makeover to take advantage of larger computer screens. The OS is designed not only for keyboard and mouse users, but also for those who have a touchscreen device. Jide Technology also claims that Remix OS has the most advanced Android file manager. You can launch Google Play Store and download apps just the way you do on any android devices.
Remix OS Notification Area | ArykTECH

One concern that users have before installing Remix OS is software updates. Meanwhile, this should not be a problem since the OS has an OTA system update implemented to make installing the latest update easy.

If you are interested in installing Remix OS on your Windows PC, computer, laptop, iMac or Macbook, you may check our twitter tag at: #RemixAndroidPC or here: Remix OS, Android PC Updates.

Have you installed Remix OS before? Let's here from you! Give us feedback in the comment section below.

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