How to ReInstall BlackBerry World On BlackBerry10 Devices

Whenever you are having issues with your BlackBerry World application on your BlackBerry devices, uninstalling and reinstalling the app is usually the do-it-all solution. However, unlike in the pre-10 series of BlackBerry devices such as the BlackBerry 9900 and others alike wherein you can simply uninstall and reinstall the BlackBerry World, it cannot be done so in the BlackBerry10 series.

How then can you reinstall BlackBerry World to solve most errors relating to the BlackBerry World on BlackBerry10 devices? Well, there is a tool called BlackBerry World Recovery Tool. This tool has been around for a while now but not so known to many. This tool ONLY works with Windows PC and what it does is, it simply loads compatible BlackBerry World on your BlackBerry10 devices.

You may correct this error; "An error has occurred and BlackBerry World must close. Try waiting a few minutes and then reopen BlackBerry World" without having to re-install the BlackBerry World. See here: How to Solve BlackBerry World Connection Error On BlackBerry10

How to Reinstall BlackBerry World On BlackBerry10 Devices

1. Download and Install BlackBerry Link on your PC from here. If you already have BlackBerry Link installed on the PC, you may skip this.
2. Connect your phone to the PC using its compatible USB Cable.
3. Download BlackBerry World Recovery Tool from here.
4. Lunch BlackBerry Recovery Tool on the PC. Respond to the prompt and wait few seconds until the process is complete.
NOTE: For better result, you should connect your PC to the internet at that time.
5. Disconnect your device from the PC. Lunch BlackBerry World from the phone to complete the rest of the process.
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