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Download All Torrent Files at Fatorrent: Vidoe Movies, Music, Softwares, Games, Season Films, TV Series

Think of any movies, premium softwares, cracked and activated Windows applications, TV series, musics and so on as the list goes, for as long as it is torrent file, I have found to be a very good torrent site to download files of all kinds.

For years, torrent sites have being a very good destination to upload and download heavy files of all kinds but as times goes on, bad players have joined the league spoiling the game for the real players there. By bad players I mean, there are sites now that claim to be torrent sites and really, they are but, they are mostly litered with virus of all kinds including link harvesters, frustrating pop-up and other malicious programs and adverts. is a very clean and trusted website to download from, mostly updated with the latest movies, musics, softwares, TV Series and the likes. Even the ones that are not more than a month old are likely to be found in

Although, it has not been so long I discover, all the torrent files I have downloaded from the site are good and does exactly what hoped for.

Oh! Less I forget, SPEED is very important when downloading files on the internet especially; heavy files. You can be sure that you will get the best speed when downloading from fatorrents.

How to Download Torrent Files from

1. Download and install a torrent download client on your device. For PC and Android users, I recommend Vuze.
Help Links:
Brief Note On Vuze Torrent Client for Android and Download Link
Download Vuze Torrent Client for Windows, Mac and Linux

2. Visit

3. Browse the site using the friendly navigation links on the site or, type in the Search Box the name of the file you wish to download and click Search.

4. Click on your choice of selection from the result page.

5. Click on the Magnet Link. If your Torrent client is running, it should automatically pick the link from there and proceed with the download. However, if your torrent app is not running yet, just lunch it and then, click on the Magnet Link again.

Remember to be more seeder? than leecher?. This is important for any torrent sites and that's one of those things that keep fatorrents healthier.

Have you a better torrent site or client? Let's hear you in the comment.

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