How to Install Android N On Windows PC Using Emulator

Early last week, the Developer preview of the Android N was released for selected Nexus Android devices. If you have a Nexus android device and wish to install the developers preview of the Adroid N before it released for the general public, see here: Android N Developer Preview for the Nexus Android Devices Image Released
For some us die-hard Android users who wish to try out the all-new Android N but do not have Nexus device, if you have a Windows PC; that's a good start as well. You can emmulate the Android N on your Windows PC to have a very detailed experience of the Android N on your PC just as you would on your phone.

To do this, you only need to download Android SDK and Android N firmware image on your PC. Using Android Emulator, AVD? you can then use the Android N firmware on your Windows PC.

How to Install Android N On your Windows PC Using Emulator

1. Download Android SDK Manager from here. Once the file is downloaded, double-click on it to install the program on your Windows PC and then, lunch it.

2. On Android SDK Manager, search under Tools for Android N (API 23, N Preview), double-click on it and select the third box. Click on “Install Packages”.

3. On the set-up screen that appears agree to the packages’ licenses. Then click “Install”.

4. Now go back to the folder where you installed Android SDK Manager and double-click on “ADV Manager.exe”.

Running Android N Emulator On Windows PC after Installation

1. Locate the “Create” button on the right side and Click it.

2. Setting your specifications, create a new Android Virtual Device and then click OK.

3. Now, your newly created Android Virtual Device is ready for lunch. Select it and click on “Start”.
Almost immediately, a black screen will show up with Android N booting up. Depending on your computer speed, the first boot might take a while.
Just patiently wait while the PC prepares the Android N emmulator for the first use.


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