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How to Solve and Stop "Moisture Detected" Error On Samsung S7 and S7 Edge

Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge are relatively still new in the market and the duos feature lots of great new features and improvements. One of such is Automatic Moisture Detection System. What this feature does is that, it prevents your Galaxy S7 or S7 Edge from charging if there is any feeling of moisture in the phone.

So, if you have tried charging your Samsung Galaxy S7 or S7 Edge when it is drenched with water, you might get the following warning “Moisture Detected”, and the phone will fail to charge. If this happened to you, do not worry as it is not a deffect neither is it a bug or any serious issue.

If you have seen the Galaxy S5, you do not have to pay a careful attention to it before you realize that the charging port has a cover-layer that protects the charging port. In the case of the Galaxy S7, it is not so, rather, the device is sealed from the inside such that water that penetrates from the charging port would not penetrates the inner components which is where damage can actually be done.

Why Does Galaxy S7 Shows “Moisture Detected” and When?

I am sure you are aware that charging your phone with moisture inside the charging port poses a risk of shork and you won’t expose yourself to such a risk if you had known. But the problem is, you may not know.
Secondly, besides your own safety, the phone is also exposed to some kind of permanent damage when charging it with moisture inside the charging port and so, to protect both you and your phone, Samsung built a Smart Kill Switch system in the phone which disables the charging feature at such circumstances.

How to Fix this and Resume Charging After "Moisture Detected” Warning On S7?

From the reasons given above, you have got a glimpse that this warning "Moisture Detected" shows up because there is a moisture feeling in the charging port. Now, you should know that getting rid of whichever water content in the charging port is the solution.

To get rid of the water, your best guess is to cut a piece wool large enough to occupy the charging port, carefully pull it in the charging port from all directions. Repeat this process as many times as you feel the water feeling is gone, leave it to dry a little and attempt charging the phone again after restarting the phone.

I hope this method helps you solve the "Moisture Detected" issues on your Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge.

Does this method work for you? Or, you found a better method? Let's hear you in the comment.


  1. what should i do to my samsung galaxy s7. it says moisture detected whenever i try to chrage. i tried to put it in sea water. it is dry now but it is not charging. what should i do? do i need to rinse the whole phone with freshwater? coz i only rinse the lower portion in the charging area. please please do help me. thanks

    1. Just get rid of the water content in that port.


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