Lenovo A760 MiUi v5 Custom ROM Download | Android 4.4.2

Here is a fully functional MiUi v5 ROM port for Lenovo A760 for some of us who are willing to experience MiUi ROM on Lenovo android devices, here is one for your A760. Although, personally, I have not flashed this ROM yet thought I wish I could but I do not have Lenovo A760 to run it on. However, going by the comments, this ROM is close to perfect!

Lenovo A760
DISCLAIMER: this ROM was not developed by ArykTECH. Please, install it at your own discretion. Although, I may provide some assistance if you have issues with the ROM; I do not give guarantee of any kind.

Installing this ROM On your Lenovo A760

Prior to Installation, please note:
  • Backup your complete ROM before installing this so that you may be able restore your ROM if you have any reason to do so.
  • Flashing this ROM may have adverse effect on your Lenovo A760 if proper care is not taken.
  • This ROM is specifically meant for Lenovo A760. Flashing it on any other android device may spell disaster for that device.

MiUi V5 Features that Work On this ROM On your Lenovo A760

  • MiUi Instant Music Player Switch on Lockscreen works fine. Just Double-tap the center of the lockscreen to bring up Mi Music Player.
  • FTP File Transfer. You can transfer your files using FTP server via the native MiUi File Manager.
  • Silent Repeated Calls feature is working fine also.
  • Bar Layout option in the notification area.
  • Native MiUi Browser Desktop Mode working fine.
  • Data Usage Limit lets you manage your data better.
  • Browser Night Mode active.
  • Hand Held Twilight Mode in camera now working fine.
  • Native MiUi Theme supported. More themes can also be downloaded from the MiUi online wallpapers.
  • Other MiUi v5 features not listed here are also working fine.
  • Noticed any bugs? You may report it via the comment system

Creadit(s):- MiUi Community

MiUi v5 ROM Layouts

How To Install this ROM on your Lenovo A760

1. Download this MiUi v5 ROM for your Lenovo A760 from here.
2. Copy or move the downloaded ROM to your SD Card
3. Reboot the phone to recovery. NOTE: It has to be custom recovery.
Helpful Link:

4. Factory Reset the phone from recovery, wipe cache, delvic and then, flash the ROM.
5. Wait few minutes until the flashing operation is complete and then, reboot the phone.

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