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AOSP Factory ROM for Redmi Note 3 Snapdragon Variant

As unbelievable as it may seem, Redmi Note 3 Snapdragon variant actually has a Qualcomm Factory AOSP ROM. This ROM has been flashed by several testers and confirmed very stable and working fine, even faster than the Stock ROM that your Redmi Note 3 is shipped with.

RedMI Note 3 Snapdragon

...Overall I've got the following impression of this firmware:

1. Switching from 3G -> 4G is more reliable than on any MIUI rom. First of all I don't loose internet connectivity during the switch (with MIUI I always do) and secondly it founds 4G networks almost instantly, and for MIUI it took minutes.

2. I've tried to flash open gapps stock - it basically made them unusable (was unable to create account), but open gapps mini worked ok for me. Though got a problem with black home screen and very slow phone until I've changed home launcher back to trebuschet.

3. Battery usage also increased in my use cases. I usually got 25% battery/8h, but now it's more like 35%/8h. Though it may be related to the fact that all messangers, etc syncs as often as they want, and with MIUI I never was able to properly receive all push notifications, etc for most of the apps.

4. According to some benchmarks, it seems that this rom is a tiny bit faster. (geekbench results increased by 7% for example). Though that doesn't really matter for me.

5. I usually have more RAM available and apps killed less aggressively.

Quoted from Civilus comment from source.

What Work In this ROM?

  • Everything works fine in the ROM. No leggings and no bugs.

  • What Fails or Does Not Work?

  • Fingerprint on settings is missing.

  • Before YOU Install this Firmware

    1. Make sure that your device is a Redmi Note 3 Snapdragon.

    2. Backup all the necessary files on your Redmi Note 3 as this process may cost you some or all of your contents.

    3. Make sure that your device is at least, 30 - 50% charged.

    This update is provided as is.
    ArykTECH or the developers of this firmware are not responsible for your actions, if your device is damaged, got bricked or any other loss you may suffer as a result of this upgrade. Upgrade at your own discretion and endeavor to follow the instructions carefully.

    How to Install this ROM On your Redmi Note 3

    1. Download all this ROM from the Download Section below here.

    2. Move all of them to the same folder on your PC and Unzip/Extract the onto your PC.

    3. Now, boot the phone to Download Mode.

    4. Open Command Prompt from the folder by pointing Command Prompt to the folder where you move all the files.

    5. Connect the phone to the PC and then, drag 8976_fastboot_all_images.bat to the Command Prompt.

    6. Press Enter button.

    7. Wait patiently while the firmware is being flashed on the phone.

    8. When the operation completes, reboot your phone and enjoy.

    Download Section

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