Download Kingroot, One-click Root Application for Android (All Version)

Kingroot is one of the best One-click root applications available for Android devices and it has been so for quiet sometime.
Having been the best, Kingroot has the largest collection of cloud root exploits and that makes it possible for it to support more devices.

Eapecially, with the release of the latest kingroot application which supports over 100,000 devices, you can at least, be 98% sure that your device is supported and can be rooted with Kingroot.

Features of the Kingroot One-click Root Application

1. Built-in root manager: when you install kingroot, you no longer need to install root manager such as SuperSU or SuperUser since kingrot installs root manager which is known as KingUser while the root exploit are being installed on the phone.

2. System Apps Manager: with KingUser ( kingroot SU Manager), you can uninstall any apps on your phone including System apps that cannot be ordinarily uninstalled.

3. System Cleaner: another useful feature that comes prebuilt with Kingroot is that you can use it to clean your phone's cached memory to free up more space so that the phone can run and operate faster and better.

4. Automated SU Update: unlike other One-click root apps, Kingroot's KingUser automatically update the SU Scripts so that it may continue to support android root exploits.

5. Auto-start Apps Manager: also within KingUser, you can manage auto-start apps. Auto-start apps are applications that runs whenever your android device is being booted. This apps can really slower your android device boot time down.

Download All Kingroot Apps from Below

Kingroot does not require any special guidelines to use it.
1. Download and Install Kingroot from any of the links above.

2. Make sure your device has an active internet connection.

3. Lunch Kingroot application on your phone.

4. Follow the promote as may be instructed by Kingroot.

5. Pronto! Your device is now successfully rooted using Kingroot app.

Just In Case:
If you wish to replace the KingUser (Kingroot Root manager) with SuperUser or SuperSU from Chainfire, you may see the guides here.: How to Replace KingUser with SuperSU