How to Boot BlackBerry Priv to Safe Mode

Just like other Android Devices, you may put your BlackBerry Priv in Safe Mode. Safe Mode is used to troubleshoot Android Devices when you notice certain irregularities or malfunctions in your device.

Safe Mode is often ignored but it is the first step recommended troubleshooting step to take when your BlackBerry Priv becomes unstable.

How Does Safe Mode Works?

In Safe Mode, android devices are being run with less features and functionalities meanwhile, not all applications features are available in Safe Mode because certain shells have been disabled (In Safe Mode) by the android system.

In BlackBerry Priv especially, all Installed Applications are disabled by default leaving only the Factory Apps running on the device.

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How to Turn On Safe Mode On your BlackBerry Priv

1. Press and Hold the Power key.

2. Tap and hold Power Off when it appears on the screen.

3. Now, tap OK when prompted to reboot your BlackBerry Priv to Safe Mode.

Tip for Using SafeMode On BlackBerry Priv

1. In Safe Mode, you can uninstall some installed Apps from your BlackBerry Priv if they fail to uninstall in Normal Mode.

2. SafeMode can also be used to detect the cause, when your BlackBerry Priv heats up abnormally.

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