How to Factory Reset BlackBerry Priv

Sometime, it may be necessary that you Factory Reset your device when your device becomes unstable, is chunked up with apps that make it malfunction or otherwise, perform unusual.
Here, I discuss how to Factory Reset your BlackBerry Priv in case you ever need to.

This process will result in your BlackBerry Priv being restored to factory default settings. By this, I mean your data, settings, and any apps or games you may have installed will be lost to the process.
Since this is the case, before proceeding further, back up any data, settings, or files that you would like to retain on the device after Factory Reset.

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How to Factory Reset your BlackBerry Priv

1. Using two fingers, swipe down once from the top of the screen.

2. Tap Settings iCon followed by Backup & Reset

3. Now, tap Factory Data Reset. Review the message shown on the screen and then, tap Reset Phone.

Wait patiently while your BlackBerry Priv resets to default settings. When the factory reset process completes, you will be shown the out of box setup wizard.
Complete the wizard and test your BlackBerry Priv. Your device should now be running fine and on the Factory Defaults Settings.