How to Hard Reset Huawei P8

If you need to Factory Reset or Hard Reset your Huawei P8, depending on the situation at hand; here is how to Hard Reset or Factory Reset your Huawei P8.

Hard Reset is the process of reverting your phone's settings to its factory defaults using some key combinations without going through the phone settings before doing so. While Factory Reset is the process of resetting your phone to its factory default settings while the phone is on Android Mode.

The end result of both method is to clear or wipe off your phone, in this case, your Huawei P8.

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Huawei P8

Here is how to Hard Reset or Factory Reset your Huawei P8. For whatever reason, you will find either of the methods discussed here useful in factory resetting your Huawei P8.

Before YOU Proceed!
Either of these processes will cost you all the contents on your phone including your installed apps, SMS, MMS, Pictures, Videos and Movies (stored on phone's memory).
Therefore; endeavor to backup the necessary files before you proceed.

How to Hard Reset your Huawei P8

1. Turn off your Huawei P8 or remove the battery from it.

2. Now, press and hold Volume Up + Power keys for few seconds or, until the screen shows few options.

3. Using the Volume Buttons, navigate to Wipe Data / Factory Reset then, use the Power Button to select it.

4. Wait patiently until the operation completes then, press
Power button
to reboot your Huawei P8.

5. Congratulations! You have just Hard Reset your Huawei P8 and you can now set it up as a new phone.

Huawei Hard Reset

How to Factory Reset your Huawei P8

1. If the display is off, using the power button, turn the phone on.

2. Navigate to Menu and then, Settings.

3. From there, locate Backup & Reset and tap it.

4. From the screen, choose Factory Data Reset.
Confirm the action by tapping Erase everything.

Wait while the phone is reset and by that, you have successfully factory reset your Huawei P8.

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