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How to Make ADB Detect, Read and Connect SpreadTRUM Android Device

This article addresses the issues you have when your SpreadTRUM android device is not being detected by ADB either in Command Prompt or any other development program. SpreadTRUM android device include iTel, Micromax and other android devices powered with SpreadTRUM chipset.

Android Debug Bridge popularly known as ADB, as could be deduced from the name, is the bridge between your android device and your PC. Thus, whenever there is need to correct certain errors on android device, perform enhancement activities or anything that involves connecting the android device to your PC and communicate via ADB; you need to make sure that the communication really flows freely all through.

How to Make ADB Detect SpreadTRUM Android Device

In the case that your SpreadTRUM android device does not communicate with your PC, eirther that you are getting:
  • Device Offline Message
  • Device List Empty
In command prompt, here is what to do:

1. Setup ADB Folder on your PC. And make sure you're using the lastest ADB Tools. See the helpful link section on how to setup ADB Tools on your PC.

2. Install SpreadTRUM USB Drivers on your PC.

3. Make sure the USB Cable you are using is compatible with the device and that, it can syncronise.

4. Enable USB Debugging on the phone from Developer Options.
    NOTE: if Developer Options is not in the phone go to Settings >> About and tap Build Number continuosly for upto 7-times or until it says; "You're now a developer".

If after that, your computer is still unable to communicate with your SpreadTRUM android device, then; you need to try this hack:

1. Go to My Computer C:/Users > your_Windows-User >> .android

2. Open .android folder above. In it, you should see adb_usb.ini

3. Open adb_usb.ini using Notepad++

4. Add the code below in it.
NOTE: the code above is the Vendor ID for SpreadTRUM Android devices. It should be written on another line as if you're starting a new paragraph.

5. Save the file and lunch Command Prompt again in your ADB Tools folder. See here: How to Point Command Prompt to ADB Tools Folder
6. In command prompt, type the Command;
adb devices
You may get a response as shown in the image below:

adb device offline

The response shows offline because you have not granted ADB Permission on the device. Look at your phone screen and accept the notification prompt.

7. Run the command below again in command prompt;
adb devices
You may now get the response shown in the image below.

adb device list

NOTE: if you get the offline message again, then, type the command below in Command Prompt before you issue adb devices again.
adb kill-server
NOTE: Press Enter after every command you issue in Command Prompt.

Now, everything should work normally between your PC and your SpreadTRUM android device.

Helpful Links:

How to Setup ADB Tools On Windows PC

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