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Infinix x551 NVRAM Backup File Download for All Variants

This tutorial teaches you how to correct Unknown Baseband and Invalid IMEI errors of Infinix x551 Hot Note Pro and Hot Note for both 2Gb RAM, 16Gb ROM and 1Gb RAM, 16Gb ROM variants of Infinix x551 by flashing NVRam backup on the phone.

In this page, I have also included the download link for the NVRAM Backup file which you can flash back onto any of the Infinix Hot Note models listed above. Check the Download Section here for the download links.

unknown baseband

Why Would you Have Invalid IMEI or Unknown Baseband On Infinix x551?

In most cases, the issue of Unknown Baseband, Invalid IMEI, No Service or No SIM card detected usually occur when you flash a new custom ROM on the phone especially; when it's an upgrade from android KitKat ROM to Lollipop.

Other times, this issue may occur if you flash wrong stock ROM firmware using SP Flash Tool as well. Or, when you use the Format All option of SP Flash Tool to correct certain errors in any attempt to flash Stock ROM using SP Flash Tool.

When this happens, the control for the Baseband and radio that controls the network signals are located in the NVRAM folder which is located in;


And specifically in a file named;


Once this file is missing or malformed the NVRAM partiton of your MTK android device is corrupted, and that makes your phone's IMEI and radio functionality to malfunction or cease to work.

Correcting Unknown Baseband and Invalid IMEI of x551

This method requires that you flash NVRAM backup file on your Infinix Hot Note x551 using MTK Droid Tools. You can download the NVRAM Backup file for the Infinix x551 at the download section.

How to Do it:

    1. Download SP Flash Tool from the download section below then, extract it on your PC desktop.

    2. Download PDanet+ from the download section and install it on your PC.

    3. Download Infinix x551 NVRAM Backup file from the download section below.

    4. Extract the NVRAM backup file. In it you will find two (2) files. Simply move both files into the NVRAM Backup folder within the MTK Droid Tools folder on your PC Desktop.

    5. Enable USB Debugging on the Infinix x551 that has Invalid IMEI and Unknown Baseband issues and then, connect it to the PC. NOTE: some phones will require root access, if it's not rooted, root it using Kingroot here.

    6. Open MTK Droid Tools folder on your PC and lunch MTK Droid Tools.exe. Wait few seconds until MTK Droid Tools bring your phone details then, on MTK Droid Tools, click IMEI / NVRAM and then; click Restore. Select the right file from the NVRAM Backup file for your Infinix x551 following the prompts by MTK Droid Tools.

    7. Now, you should see that baseband has been written on the phone to what it should be.

    8. Reboot the phone and enjoy.


If after rebooting the phone, the Unknown Baseband re-occure, restart the process from the beginning again but instead of rebooting the phone at the step eight (8); reboot it to recovery (it has to be custom recovery) and flash Custom ROM on it using the normal procedures.

After that, your Infinix x551 Unknown Baseband and Invalid IMEI issues is now permanently solved and you can then flash stock ROM on it again.

Download Section:


  1. Please i need nvram for INFINIX note 3

    1. I have to confirm your phone's exact variant. Please, reply this comment with your phone's IMEI or use the Contact Us link.

  2. Pls I need help oo
    PLEASE I NEED HELP OOO. My infinix x551 does not show simcards anymore and when I tried checking my imei I saw 'null' please help

    1. Hello Ijeomah,
      Did you flash a new ROM on the device? Attempt to restore your NVRAM or write a new IMEI on your device here: How to Write IMEI On Infinix X551

  3. pls i am getting this error ERROR :pttycmd1 device NOT found!...i need the nvram backup for hot note PRO