Download TunnelBear.apk: Free VPN Application

TunnelBear is one of the most trusted VPN applications you can rely on in the world. Here, I have contained the download link for the latest version of TunnelBear.apk file which you can download and install straight on your android device.

This version of TunnelBear is free for use however, you may purchase the full version of the app right within the application. The full version of TunnelBear gives you unlimited download with access to any and all common IP addresses in the world.

Meanwhile, the free version of tunnelbear for android only gives you 500mb download volume per month. This means, using the free version of tunnelbear app on your android device, you can browse, upload and download for up to 500mb volume per month.

So, if you are a lite/light VPN user, you may consider downloading the tunnelbear.apk from the Download Section here and use the free version for as long as you want. In any case, TunnelBear is a nice VPN application and can be trusted.

Download Section:

Download TunnelBear.apk File From Here