How to Check MediaTEK Version of MTK Android Device

If you need to check MediaTEK version of a particular MTK Android device, here is a step by step guide on how to check the MediaTEK version of any MTK Android devices (if it still powers).

In the event that you need to flash stock ROM on MTK Android device that has several variants, you should verify the exact variant (if the phone still powers) of the phone. This is just one of the reasons why you may need to check the MediaTEK version of the device because, sometimes, MTK android device of the same model but different variant has MediaTEK version as the only difference.

A good example of this is Tecno F7 (Phantom A). There is a particular Tecno F7 that has MediaTEK version MT6592 and another variant that has MT6582 as its MediaTEK version. Flashing wrong ROM (Stock ROM) in this case may spell disaster for the devices.

Here, I discuss the simplest methods you can use to determine which exact variant of the MTK Android device you are holding.

How to Know MediaTEK Version of MTK Android Device

1. The first and simplest method you can use is to refer to Google. Simply put a Search Key "Tecno F7" on Google. From the results, click the one that states the phones' configuration. And from that page, you may find the device's MediaTEK version.

2. Another method is to use MTK Droid Tools. MTK Droid Tools is a servicing tool for android devices but, one that works best with MTK Android devices.

    How to Determine MediaTEK Version with MTK Droid Tools

    1. Download MTK Droid Tools from here. Also, download and install PDanet from here.

    2. Power On the phone.

    3. Enable USB Debugging on the phone. How? Go to Settings >> Developer Options >> USB Debugging and mark it on. If Developer Option is not found in your settings, go to Settings >> About (phone) >> Build Number and tap it seven times (times x7).

    4. Connect the phone to the PC using its compatible USB Cable.

    5. Wait until MTK Droid Tools detects it and then, observe the highlighted section in the image below.

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