Download Stock ROM for BLU Advance A270a [MTK Backup & Factory Image]

Here is a stock MTK ROM backup for BLU Advance A270a. This stock ROM image for BLU Advance A270a can be used to flash your BLU Advance A270a to its factory defaults using SP Flash Tool or any other similar tools for flashing Stock MTK ROM backup on MTK android devices.

The stock ROM image contained on this page are for BLU A 4.0 A270a and a customized stock ROM for repairing your BLU Advance.

Flashing may be required when you encounter any software issues with your BLU Advance A270a and in most cases, flashing the phone will resolve any and most software issues you may be having with your BLU Advance A270a. Meanwhile, to perform this flashing operation, you will need stock ROM which is also know as factory images for your BLU Advance A270a.

Therefore, in the case that you need to repair your BLU Advance A270a by means of flashing, you can rely on the BLU Advance A270a stock ROM or factory images whose download links are contained within this page.

Video Tutorial On How to Flash MTK Android Using SP Flash

BLU Advance A270a Stock ROM/Factory Image Download Link(s)

Download BLU A 4.0 A270a Stock ROM Here: BLU A 4.0 A270a Stock ROM Download Link

Download BLU A 4.0 A270L (Customized) Stock ROM Here: BLU A 4.0L A270a Customized Stock ROM Download Link

How to Flash Stock ROM Factory Image On BLU Advance A270a

Here is a step by step guide on how to flash stock ROM and factory image on BLU android device using SP Flash Tool.

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