SOLVED: Solution to "adbd not install" Error of MTK Droid Tools

ISSUE: MTK Droid Tools error "adbd not install"

The error "adbd not install" is one of the errors MTK Droid Tools throws at users sometimes. Within this page, I discuss the solution to the error.

As there are several errors you may encounter if you get to use MTK Droid Tools often and being one of the commonest tools for servicing MTK Android devices, you will get to use it often.

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  • Exit PdaNet in system tray if it's left opened
  • Close MTK droid tools
  • Disconnect the phone from the PC
  • Download Busybox apk from here: and install it on the phone.
  • Click to open/launch Busybox and wait for initialization to finish (100%)
  • Also from Busybox, click Install wand wait till you get a prompt saying "installation was successful"
  • Re-launch/open MTK droid tools again and connect the phone to the PC.


If after going through the steps above, you still encounter "adbd not install" in MTK Droid Tools, go a little further by following the steps below:

  • Download ADBD Insecure apk from here: ADBD Insecure APK Download
  • Install it on the phone and launch
  • Then, tick "Enable insecure adbd"
  • Re-launch MTK Droid Tools

Having successfully applied the steps above, you should be able to use MTK Droid Tools with the phone with adbd not install error free.