SOLVED: Solution to "Error: Zero File, No Space Left On Device" Error of MTK Droid Tools

ISSUE: "ERROR: Zero File, no space left on device!" Error of MTK Droid Tools

MTK Droid Tools is one those Windows applications you can use to make / create MTK Android devices stock ROM by backing up the original ROM of a particular MTK Android device. Meanwhile, during the backup process, MTK Droid Tools usually throw an error: "Zero File, no space left on device!"

If you come across this error and imagine what the cause(s) might be, here is the reason and your possible solution.

Reason: What this error means is that there's no more space left on the device being backed up.

Question: Why do you need space on the device if you're backing it up on the PC?

Answer: During backup, MTK droid tools makes two backups; an MTK droid tools backup to the [MTK Droid Tools Folder]/backups folder on the PC and a Nandroid backup to the /clockworkmod/backup folder on the phone's SD card / Phone storage.

So, to shun the possibility of having to face this king of error, ensure that you have at the least 15 GB free on the PC, 4GB free on both SD card and Phone storage (some phones require up to 10 GB free space) which is also dependent on the volume of data you are having on the phone as at that time it is being backed up using MTK droid tools.

If the error persists then Install Busybox on the phone (it requires two installation steps) and restart both the phone and MTK droid tools.

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