BlackBerry 9320 Autoloader Download Link: FULL OS

Here on this page I have contained the download link for the BlackBerry 9320 FULL OS Autoloader which can be used to flash and load complete OS on your BlackBerry 9320.
Please, note that by flashing your BlackBerry 9320 with this autoloader, all the content of your BlackBerry device will be lost, therefore, if need be, ensure that you backup your vital content (from your BlackBerry device) before you proceed.

Content that may be lost:
1. Contacts stored on the phone.
2. Messages. 3. Whatsapp messages. 4. All Apps Data etc.

How to Use BlackBerry Autoloader to Flash Firmware On BlackBerry 9320

1. Download your BlackBerry 9320 Autoloader from here.
2. Extract the downloaded file onto a folder on your PC. Enter the password: if its prompts.
3. If not already installed, download and install BlackBerry Desktop Manager on your PC from here.
4. Once Desktop Manager is installed on your PC, wait for about 3 minutes, if BlackBerry Desktop Manager opens, close it and make sure you EXIT it from the apps running at the Background.
5. Go to the folder where you extracted BlackBerry 9320 Autoloader you downloaded from Step 1 above and Double-Click to launch it.
6. Connect your BlackBerry 9320 to the PC while the phone is TURNED OFF.
7. When the Autoloader is loaded, it should detect the connected BlackBerry 9320 and begin loading the OS on the device.
8. Wait patiently until the whole process completes, your BlackBerry 9320 will reboot itself and boot to the new OS.

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