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How to Write IMEI On Android 6.X Marshmallow and Lollipop Without Root Access: MTK Androids

For some reasons, you may have to write new IMEI on your Android 6.X Marshmallow and Android 5.X Lollipop which are believed to be a little difficult and not straight-forward especially if you have not rooted the phone.
Here, I discuss how to write new IMEI on your Android 6.x.x Marshmallow and 5.x.x Lollipop without root access and in less than 2-minutes.
    1. The method discussed here is used for MTK Android devices ONLY.
    2. This method does not require root access.
    3. This option does not work with some MediaTEK Chipset. I cannot conclude how many though.
    4. This method has been confirmed with some Tecno, Infinix, Wiko, Gionee, Gowin, Opsson, Oukitel and some other MTK Androids.

How to Change Android 6.0 (Marshmallow) and Android 5.0 (Lollipop) IMEI

1. Download MTK Engineer Mode from here and install it on your MTK Android device.
2. Launch/Open MTK EngineerMod and navigate to Telephony.
3. Under Telephony, go to GPRS and tap it.

    Once tapped, make a selection depending on the SIM whose IMEI you wish to change.
4. On the IMEI Space that appears, type the original IMEI that came with your Android device or type the IMEI you wish to change it to.

5. Once typed, tap on Write IMEI.

    Repaet this process with every or any SIM card you wish to write new IMEI on.
6. Reboot the phone.
    Note: you should reboot the phone each time you tap on Write IMEI. Thus, when you write new IMEI on SIM1, reboot the phone and repeat the same process with SIM2.

When Can You Write New IMEI On MTK Android Devices?

1. You can write new IMEI on your MTK Android when it's writes NULL IMEI. -this can happen when you have flashed the phone unappropriately.
2. You can write new IMEI when your MTK Android device displays INVALID IMEI. -this can also happen when you flash the phone using inappropriate or corrupted file.
3. Some people write new IMEI to attempt cheating the service provider. Some browsing cheats require writting new IMEI.
4. You may also be required to write new IMEI on your phone when you restore from a curropted backup file.

Other Methods for Writing IMEI On MTK Android Devices:

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2. How to Write IMEI Using Mobile Uncle
3. How to Write IMEI Using WriteCode

How to Write IMEI On Other Chipset:

1. How to Write IMEI On HTC Android Devices
2. How to Write IMEI On Sammsung Android Devices
3. How to Write IMEI On LG Android Devices
4. How to Write IMEI On iTel Android Devices

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