Nokia Asha 200, RM-761 Firmware v11.95 Download Link

Here on this page I have contained the download link for the complete Nokia Asha 200, RM-761 latest flash files firmware which can be used to flash your Nokia Asha 200 which is bearing the RM Number 761.
Please, note that you can only flash your Nokia phone using its correct RM-Number.

Nokia 5310 ExpressMusic with RM-304 is not the same as Nokia 5310 ExpressMusic with RM-303 therefore, their flash files firmware cannot be used interchangeably.
Flashing a Nokia phone using wrong RM-Number may destroy the phone.

How to Download and Use Nokia Asha 200, RM-761 Firmware v11.95

1. Download your Nokia Asha 200, RM-761 from here.
2. Extract the downloaded firmware in a folder on your PC.
    Enter the password: if its prompts.
3. The new folder should be named exactly as RM-761 or rm-761. If otherwise, rename it as either RM-761 or rm-761.
4. Copy the whole folder onto your Phoenix / Nokia flash files folder.
5. Open / Launch your favourite Nokia flashing tools and then point it to that folder and flash your phone.

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