RedMi 3s: 2GB RAM, 16GB ROM On Snapdragon 430 Octa-Core. Want to Guess the Price?

RedMi 3s Frong Face
Going by the price of the Xiaomi RedMi 3s, you may think it is a medium-ranged phone. Yes. It is. But Xiaomi managed to position the RedMi 3S among the best, all owing to its superb and jaw-dropping specifications and configurations.
Xiaomi RedMi 3s is a magnificent smartphone powered with android 6.0.1 (pgardeable to 7.0) on a Snapdragon 430 Octa-Core Qualcomm processors running at a speed of 1.4GHz, supported by a 2GB of RAM which are all bundled in 5.5 inch ultra slimmed body.

To complement the configurations, RedMi 3s is graced with 2GB of RAM and 16GB of ROM and an expandable SD Card slot which has the capacity to run an added 256GB SD Card.

For both selfies and picture-taking-users, RedMi 3s features a 13MP main camera and 5MP secondry camera both made with crystal clear technology that produces good picture quality as the end result.
Xiaomi RedMi Back View

As common with the recent phones, especially, those phones released this year 2016 of which the Xiaomi RedMi 3s is among, it is a Dual-SIM and Dual-Standby phone. One Micro and One Nano SIM Slots whereby the later shares the same space as the SD Card.
Xiaomi RedMi 3s SIM-Slot

One word for the RedMi 3s... excellent smartphone at excellent price!

Where to Buy RedMi 3s and Price

Xiaomi RedMi 3s Price: US $99 - $125 (Ranges between the value) Buy RedMi 3s On: AliExpress Here or Amazon Here

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