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When, Why and How to Use BlackBerry Autoloader to Flash BlackBerry Device

BlackBerry Autoloaders are complete Stand-alone .exe or .msi applications that can single-handedly install complete or partial BlackBerry OS on your BlackBerry devices. BlackBerry autoloaders are programmed to run in MS Duos, Command Prompt and PowerShell on Windows PC. As far as I know, BlackBerry autoloaders are only available for Windows PC users.

There are official BlackBerry autoloaders (made available by RIM) and there are unofficial autoloaders. The unofficial autoloaders are the modified ones. In either case, an autoloader, either official or unofficial, are being used for the same or similar purposes.

Why Use BlackBerry Autoloader?

1. For Advanced Fix: BlackBerry autoloader can be used to fix serious issues such as BlackBerry Red-light blinking, 75% bootloop and other issues not resolvable by BlackBerry loader.
2. Force-Upgrades: BlackBerry autoloader can be used to upgrade a particular BlackBerry device though the update may yet be available for that device.
3. Force-Downgrades: same as Force-Upgrades, autoloader can be used to downgrade BlackBerry device. This is common with BlackBerry10 devices and usually happen if you want to bypass a particular feature of the latest firmware.
4. For Advanced Customization: you can use a modified BlackBerry autoloader to customize your BlackBerry device to your taste.
5. Faster repair service.

How to Use BlackBerry Autoloader to Flash BlackBerry Device

1. Download and Install BlackBerry Desktop Manager (for BlackBerry Pre10 Series such as 9900, 9800 and the likes of them) and BlackBerry Link (for BlackBerry10 devices such Z10, Z30 and the likes of them).
2. Download your desired BlackBerry Autoloader from BlackBerry Autoloader List here or For BlackBerry10 Devices here.
3. If the file is compressed in a zip file, unzip it onto your desktop.
4. Put off your BlackBerry device. If the phone is dead (Does not boot or only blinks) then, remove the battery from it.
    NOTE: ignore this step 4 if your phone has inbuilt battery.
5. Double-click the Autoloader file on your PC to launch and wait until it is fully launched.
6. When you see Connecting to Bootrom on the PC, now, connect your phone to the PC using its compatible USB Cable.
7. Almost immediately, the PC will detect the connected phone and begin loading the OS.
8. Now, wait until the whole process reaches 100%.
9. Disconnect your BlackBerry device, put on the phone and go to settings to confirm that the OS has been loaded.

NOTE: Some Autoloaders only load partial OS. Ensure that you use full OS Autoloader.
Partial OS Autoloader are used only to revive BlackBerry devices. They cannot load complete OS.

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