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Infinix X601, Note 3 Stock Firmware, Stock ROM Download: All Variants

These Infinix X601, Note 3 Firmware, Stock ROM file can be used with any service tools capable of Flashing Stock ROM file on Infinix Android devices.
Stock firmware are mostly needed to either upgrade your Infinix X601, Note 3 or flash the phone to correct certain software issues or malfunctions on the phone. Here on this page I have contained the download links for all the complete Infinix X601, Note 3, Stock ROM files which can be used to flash factory OS back to your Infinix X601, Note 3.

How to Download Stock Firmware and Flash Infinix X601, Note 3 with these Stock Firmwares/ROM

1. Download SP Flash Tool from here and install it on your PC. If you don't have MTK Android drivers installed on your PC yet, you must install it too. Download VCOM Drivers here

2. Download the appropriate variant of Infinix X601, Note 3 Firmware from the list below:
Download 1st Variant -(H537 A1 M 160715 V10 ( XOS ))
Download 2nd Variant -(H537 A1 M 161009 V73)
Download 2nd Variant -(H536 A1 M 161009 V76)
Download 4th Variant -(H536 A1 M 160825 V33)

3. Open the SP Flash Tool you downloaded from the link above. It is compressed in a zip file, simply extract it onto a folder on your PC, open the folder to locate flash_tool.exe application and then; double-click it to lunch the program.

4. Go to the folder where you downloaded the Infinix X601, Note 3 Stock ROM and open it. It is compressed in a ZIP File, simply decompress/unzip it onto a folder on your PC.

5. On SP Flash Tool, select Scatter Loading. A window should open. Using the browse button, navigate to the folder where you unzipped the Infinix X601, Note 3 stock ROM and then select "MTXXXX-ANDROID-SCATTER", from there. Remember: "xxxx" refers to the MTK version of your phone.

6. Once selected, SP Flash Tool will load all the partitions in the Infinix X601, Note 3 stock ROM you downloaded. From the list, mark all the partitions EXCEPT these three (3): Preloader, UserData and CACHE.

7. Now, select Download on SP Flash Tool.

8. Put off your Infinix X601, Note 3 or remove battery from it and re-insert the battery again. Connect your Infinix X601, Note 3 Mobile Phone to the PC and then tap the Power button once.

9. For few seconds, your Windows PC will install the necessary drivers for the flashing operation and then, the flashing operation will commence promptly.

10. When the flashing operation completes, SP Flash Tool will display a green PASS circle. You may then disconnect your phone from the PC.
CONGRATULATIONS! You have successfully flashed your Infinix X601, Note 3 to its factory defaults.
NOTE: if you encounter any errors while flashing your Infinix X601, Note 3 using SP Flash Tools, see here: Solutions to All SP Flash Tools Errors: Practical Guides

For Graphical Illustrations on how to flash Infinix android devices, see here: How to Flash Infinix Android Device: Step by Step with Pictures

Also Read:

Video Tutorial: How to Flash All MTK Android Devices Including Infinix X601, Note 3


  1. I didnt uncheck the preloader and cache and now the phone doesnt respond to anything after saying "ok". I know i messed up but is there a way to repair my damage?

    1. The only option you have left is to attempt J-Tag. You might be able to bring the phone back to live without J-Tag if you can read from the phone's board.