Micromax A55 V3 Latest Stock Firmware PAC File Download

This Micromax A55 V3 Firmware, PAC file can be used with any service tools capable of Flashing PAC file.
Stock firmware are mostly needed to either upgrade your Micromax A55 V3 or flash the phone to correct certain software issues or malfunctions on the phone. Here on this page I have contained the download link for the complete Micromax A55 V3, PAC file which can be used to flash factory OS back to your Micromax A55 V3.

How to Download Latest Firmware and Flash Micromax A55 V3 with this PAC File

1. Download SPD Download Tool from here and install it on your PC.

2. Download your Micromax A55 V3, latest firmware pac File from here.

3. Open the SpreadTRUM Flash Tool you downloaded from the link above. It is compressed in a zip file, simply extract it onto a folder on your PC, open the folder to locate the SpreadTRUM Upgrade Tool application and then; double-click it to lunch the program.

4. Now, Put off your Micromax A55 V3 or remove battery from it and re-insert the battery then, connect your Micromax A55 V3 Mobile Phone to the PC.

5. Now, select the specific STOCK FIRMWARE you downloaded for your Micromax A55 V3 android device by clicking on the Select Pack icon.

6: As soon as the file is loaded successfully, click on "Download Button" to commence the flashing operation.
NOTE: During the flashing operation, your phone may reboot once or twice. Just leave it and do not interrupt the operation.

7: Once the flashing operation is successfully completed, you will see "Previous Passed" message displayed in green on the SpreadTRUM Flash Tool.
CONGRATULATIONS! You have now successfully flashed your Micromax A55 V3 android device.

For Graphical Illustration on how to flash Micromax android devices, see here: How to Flash Micromax Android Device: Step by Step with Pictures

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