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How to Hard Reset iTel 1406 (it1406)

Most iTel androids give nightmare when trying to put them in recovery mode making hard-resetting or formatting most iTel android devices difficult.

Because iTel androids are SpreadTRUM androids, they have slightly different methods compare to other android devices like HTC, Sansung, Tecno amongst others which have specific key combo for booting into recovery mode from which you can perform a hard reset, factory reset, wipe user data or clean format the iTel android, itel it1406 to be specific.

But the truth is, iTel android also have specific key combo for booting into recovery mode which is mostly needed whenever we need to factory reset or hard reset the phone.
Here, I would discuss how to put your iTel 1406 android device in recovery mode for factory reset, soft format or for enabling USB Debugging on the iTel android phone even when the pattern is locked or password restricted.

How to Boot iTel 1406 to Recovery Mode and Hard Reset or Wipe

1. Power Off your iTel 1406: either by removing the battery from the phone or by powering it off normally, the first thing you need to do is just power off the phone.

2. Press And Hold the Power Button for about 3 Seconds.

iTel 1406 Hard Reset -Step 2

NOTE: Some iTel androids such as the iTel it1502 volume button should be pressed for up to 15 seconds at this stage.

3. While Still Holding the Power Button, press and hold Volume Down (Volume -) Buttion for about 3 Seconds.

iTel 1406 Hard Reset -Step 3

I.E Now, you should be pressing both Volume Down + Power Buttons together.

4. Now, release both buttons i.e Power Button and Volume Down button at once.

iTel 1406 Hard Reset -Step 4

5. Shortly after releasing both buttons, an android icon shhould appear on your iTel 1406 screen. Now, press the Volume Up (Volume +) button.
Pronto! Your iTel 1406 should now boot into recovery mode.

iTel 1406 Hard Reset -Step 5


1. Use the Volume-up to navigate up.

2. Use the Volume-down to navigate down.

3. The Power button to select.

4. This methods have only been used for iTel it1406.

5. I believe the same method should work with all iTel android devices thus; for booting all of them to recovery mode.

How to Enable USB Debugging Mode In iTel Android While Screen is Locked

1. Follow the instructions detailed in the first section above on how to boot iTel it1406 to recovery mode and hard reset.

2. When you get to the stage 4 discussed above, swipe or pull your iTel it1406 screen from the top.

3. Navigate to Settings and tap it.

4. Scroll down until you see Developer Option and tap it.

5. If Developer Option is not there, go to About phone >> Build Number. Tap the Build Number repeatedly for up to 7 - 9 times. Or, until it says, "You are now a developer"

If you prefer to put your iTel android in USB Debugging mode while the screen is locked or password protected, the simple steps explained above is your safest and best guess.


  1. I wanted to hard reset itel 1406 but all those procedures dont work. The phone reboots at combination of keys.

  2. I tried all those combination of keys but itel 1406 only boots instead of bringing a recovery menu